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Praise for The Toothless Puppy on Amazon


I loved everything about this story! The illustrations were great, bright colors and fun looking puppies. The story was really easy for my kids to understand. I think this story was really helpful. It is easier for the kids to read about a cute little puppy who is different and works it out. This story will help my kids understand that it is okay to be different, sometimes it is easier to learn about this and believe it when it does not come from their parents. I really liked this story. My kids liked it too.



This story was ADORABLE! Driving home an important lesson to all that "you are who you are and that's the truth! You are who you are and you don't need proof!". What a great tale of the unique differences in all of us and the uncertainty of a little puppy learning about himself and the world around him. My children and I loved this book and recommend it to anyone with a few minutes, you will thank me! The artwork in it was pleasing and the rhyming lesson was fantastic, great read!



The Toothless Puppy is a completely adorable book that I enjoyed from start to finish. First, it has wonderful illustrations to coincide with the story. These illustrations will no doubt be something young children will love about this book. Once you get past how wonderful the illustrations are there is the story itself.

The story is about how Campbell the golden retriever starts to panic a bit when she discovers one of her teeth is missing. As she sets out to find her missing tooth she encounters different animals who all attempt to share with her that being different is what makes everyone special and unique. Being different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Campbell still struggles with her missing tooth despite what Wilco and the other animals attempt to teach her. The message behind this book is wonderful for young kids to hear. I highly recommend parents read this book with their kids!

—GrnEyed Reader