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The Toothless Puppy

Campbell the golden retriever is as happy as a dog can be. She has a caring family, an adventurous life, and a lot of great friends. But when she notices she is missing one of her teeth, Campbell becomes sad and worried. Where did the tooth go? What will everyone think of her now?

Campbell leaves home and sets off in search of her missing tooth. Instead, she finds a wide range of friends as unique as she is, from a tailless sheepdog to a group of flightless penguins. As the animals show her the things that make them special, Campbell begins to realize that being different might not be so bad after all.

About the Authors

Karen and Ashley Almon are a mother-daughter duo from Seattle, Washington. Karen is a retired elementary school teacher, and Ashley is a writer, artist, actor, and musician. The Toothless Puppy was inspired by the Almons’ real-life canine companions, Campbell and Wilco.


Meet Campbell and Wilco

The story of The Toothless Puppy was inspired by the lives of our canine companions off the page. Campbell is an ultra-sweet ten-year-old golden retriever who loves pets, hugs, and bully sticks. Wilco, on the other hand, is a two-year old, rambunctious Australian shepherd full of love. Like his friend Campbell, he is also an expert cuddler and bully stick eater!

Just like in the book, the two dogs are pals in real life. Campbell lives with Karen Almon in the Madison Park neighborhood in Seattle, while Wilco is a true city dog who lives with Ashley in a one-bedroom apartment across the street from the Amazon campus. The dogs live two very different lives, but still find that they have a lot in common on the playground.

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